Metro Montreal #76 - Neon quasi Indian

You might think I used the wrong colour :)
but this was the real neon indian costume I saw,
on a Caucasian lady.

Neon yellow, sharp green,
nail lacquer, headband, flip flop,
all in neon colours.

What do you guys think?


 Les gougounes,  le bandeau, la tenue indienne, 
C'est normal non?
Mais si tout est dans les couleurs fluoes?
Ça se semblerait à quoi?
Et voilà:

Métro Montréal DuCollège


  1. I love this! Bringing colour into the world can never be a bad thing. As for "ethnic" wear, I think that as soon as one's apparel enters a public space, it becomes an item of public fashion and should be freely available as inspiration for all. Of course, respect is a key ingredient no matter what you are wearing.


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