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LIFE | Covid + Love = Co-Vive

The Covid is not racist, nor is love. And you? Embrace all colours and races. As a relatively taciturn and neutral person, I rarely express views on politics, perhaps because I always feel that it is very far away from me. Or I think we vent our emotions and opinions, and we can't fundamentally change anything. Maybe I was wrong. Living in a foreign country is not always paradise. I have also encountered racial discrimination directly or indirectly. Compared to the victims in the news on the Internet, my experience was trivial, so I just digested it silently by myself. Don't punish yourself for other people's mistakes: "If a dog bites you, would you bite the dog?" Elders often teach us this way. I wonder: the person, the nation, or the country who bullies others may be due to their lack of self-esteem? The scared hedgehog psychology of an unknown situation? Or is it envy, jealousy and hatred even after understanding? Maybe they are the ones who need more love: lov

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