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LIFE | Hasidic Graffiti Gentleman

"—What's up? —Just wanna take some pics with graffitis. —Then go around to the back of the building ~ There're BETTER ones: giant pugs! You might like them. —I'll go take a look, thank you! —Good luck! " The twilight was fading, I was setting up my tripot for some graffiti-selfies. Then came this enthusiastic Jewish gentleman greeting from my back. If I hadn't been in a hurry to take photos and hurry up, I would like to chat more with him who takes the initiative to chat...... Well, maybe there is no need to force the fate. While I was writing the column #CalepinBen in Journal Métro , I was fortunate enough to meet immigrants from many different cultural backgrounds and chat about some of their dreams and life situations. However, there are few opportunities to communicate with Hasidic Jews. Once I sketched a Hasidic young man crossing the traffic lights at Mile End. He was very interested in my drawing, but refused some further conversation. Perhap

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