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LIFE | Do animals and plants have emotions? / 动植物也有情感么?

  Do animals and plants also have emotions? Cure [Anthropocentrism] - "80% of animal babies in nature end up in the stomachs of predators. We humans are also a member of predators. Whether we are pure vegetarians, vegetarians or carnivores, in order to survive , must be killed. Even every piece of chocolate comes from animals and plants that have been crushed, heated and reshaped. By definition, almost all living things have killing behaviors. After all, only plants can use their own chloroplasts to absorb and convert solar energy. Human beings have a desire to protect animals, which does not mean that animals will protect us. Our tendency to belittle animals is actually a sign of fear of losing our specialness as humans. Humans' sense of self-worth is based on the mind, not the senses; however, our senses are actually duller than those of many animals. We'd better put down our arrogance and cruelty towards animals and plants. Until one day in the future when humans can

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