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FASHION | Pink for girls and sissy men only? - A Fashion History of Pink | 粉色娇嫩, 你如今几岁了? - 粉红色时尚史

Are only girls worthy of wearing pink? Are boys considered feminine if they wear pink? "Keep it up and tell your guys to do it too!"      Iris Apfel Westminster School Boat Club, London The bus was late today, and a retired nurse grandma next to me said that she liked my pink outfit. She asked me to encourage men around me to dare to try colors! In 1961, when she immigrated to Canada from Germany in her 20s, North America was still a stereotype of "men in blue and women in pink". Men who dared to dress in multiple colors were naturally less than Europe and other regions. She is happy to see more and more young men in pink on the streets.      Look, these pairs, each piece of pink, are really not just girls wearing pink. "How did pink become associated with girls?" Let's look through some old books. It turns out that before the 15th century, there was no word for pink in Latin nor ancient Greek. At that time, as an accessory color to red, it repre

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