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BOOK | L'Homme qui dessine : Jirô Taniguchi entrevue

⭐孤独的漫画家——你所不知道的谷口治郎 / The Lonely Mangaka—Jiro Taniguchi (1947-2017) Recommended French book [Jiro Taniguchi - L'HOMME QUI DESSINE] (The Drawing Man - Interview with Jiro Taniguchi) 2013 (66 years old) by  Benoit Peeters  | Corinne Quentin What a blessing to have found the love of your life and something that lasts! I read this book recently, and this is the deepest feeling I had. Jiro Taniguchi is a steady and late bloomer. Before his debut, he worked as an assistant to 上村一夫 Kazuo Uemura ([同棲時代]) and made his debut by drawing adult erotic comics. Later, his works included gun fight comics, fighting comics, and animal comics. I started getting into French comics when I was an assistant to Kazuo Uemura. In my middle age, my works were welcomed and successful by the French comics industry. "孤独的美食家"(The Lonely Gourmet) was popular in Asia, and "The Mountain of the Gods" was popular in Europe, but not very famous in Asia. Some readers said that his paintings were &q

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