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EVENT | BEN LIU x GIADA - Live Painting Portrait Event - 人文艺术肖像画沙龙 - 厦门站

[ 中文在下方 ] I was honored to be invited to draw live portraits for GIADA 's VIC event. The first stop was the Mixc in XiaMen, China. In the process of painting on site, I was able to communicate with many independent women who are in different fields, some of them are engaged in the financial industry, food industry, legal industry, and there are also full-time wives and mothers ( yup, Who says it's not a "career"? 😎 )   I've benefited a lot from our inspirational coversations with the GIADA ladies. Because it is an art salon, we naturally talked about whether AI will replace art, human emotions, confusion, family parent-child relationship, art education and the realization of personal ideals, women's role in the family, etc. "When Ben paints you, you feel like he knows you better than you do."  Former L'Oréal Canada product manager's comments on the portraits I drew.   Communicating with the painted object is a very important part of my sket

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