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SONG of VOGUE | 002 ⎯ 時の流れに身をまかせ (我只在乎你)

I only care about you. Who's that YOU?  Your family, your soulmate, your friend? Your passion? Your career? Wealth? Health? ... "Let time fly, I only care about ‘like’" might be the best portrayal of today’s society. If Teresa Teng sees herself on social media today, will she silently 'like' it in heaven? Humming this familiar melody, I drew this little illustration. This song was a big hit in the 80s' and still popular among Asian Karaoke fans. Almost every Chinese and Japanese in the world would know it. It was originally released in Japanese in 1986, then in Chinese version in 1987, both by  Teresa Teng . The lyrics and melody are smooth and easy to sing, so if you are learning Chinese or Japanese, it's a go-to song for your elementary practice. (*Translated Lyrics below) I hope you enjoy it and have fun sing it!     Conceptual LP Design   Cover / Title Calligraphy / Video / illustration / animation : Ben (三牛)   " 任时光匆匆流去,我只在乎‘赞’ " 可能才是

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