CAMPAIGN | Ben Liu x Lise Watier 45th Anniversary Collection

When Lise Watier approached me for this new limited edition to celebrate their 45th Anniversary and the 375th Anniversary of Ville de Montréal, I said yes with pleasure because it's a project combines 2 specialties / repertoires of my works : Urbansketch of Montreal lifestyle (column #CalepinBen in Journal Métro) + illustrations for Beauty & Fashion industry.  

We wanted something different from our previous illustration projects (launch of Fragrance Something Sweet and Baiser de Neiges )

Lise Watier coffrets cadeaux Noel, illustration by Ben Liu, artist and fashion illustrator based in Montreal, Montreal 375th skyline with fireworks, feux d'artifice

Ben Liu x Lise Watier 45th Anniversary Collection

Brief : to create a significant illustration of Montreal with a festive vibe, which can be intergraded to both the makeup collection with mannequin's photo shoot, also as the packagings for Christmas gift beauty kits ( coffrets cadeaux Noël )

Challenge : The illustration has to match all sections of the products : Skincare, Makeup, and Fragrance. The basic color of the kits' packaging will be black and white, customers need to distinguish different lines of products based on the same image.

Solution : Simple hand-drawing sketch lines of Montreal skyline with fireworks in different colors representing different lines of products. We chose the symbolic monuments of the city : Hôtel de Ville, Stade Olympique, Pont Jacques-Cartier, Mont-Royal avec le gros croix, Centre-Ville.

I proposed drafts with three different directions :

Lise Watier coffrets cadeaux Noel, making of illustration by Ben Liu, draft drawing for art direction, design of packaging and advertising campaign, create with LW Feline HD eyeliner

Drafts on Ben's studio desk

Since Lise Watier was born in Montreal, I thought it'd be relevant to reflect its brand identity of the skyline buildings in the Saint Lawrence River (Fleuve Saint-Laurent). We all like the product-reflection of the city and combined the 2nd and 3rd ones. I switched the big cross on Mont-Royal to "W" as Lise Watier, and the reflection in the water as "M" for Montreal.

Lise Watier NEIGES 45th Anniversary Limited Edition Perfume, Eau de Parfum as crystal snowball, special pour Jean Coutu

45th Anniversary Limited Edition of perfume NEIGES | For Jean Coutu

photo : Marielou Théorêt

photo : Marielou Théorêt

photo : Marielou Théorêt

photo : Marielou Théorêt

lise watier portfolio corrector, Holiday coffret cadeau, illustrtaion by Ben Liu

Holiday Beauty Kits | Coffrets Beauté Noël

Lise Watier Makeup Products, Cosmetics bag pouch,

Makeup Pouch | photo : @isthatsoh

In addition, we wanted me to design a special 45th logo, with bilingual slogans of Lise Watier. So I used the Feline Eyeliner HD Waterproof  to create a Chinese traditional ink brush effect for the logo.

Lise Watier 45th Anniversary Logo, Parfum Neiges perfume, Montreal Canada

Lise Watier Cosmetics' History on official website

Voilà, a "love letter" to my city. Happy birthday to Montreal and to the Montreal-born Canadian legendary cosmetic brand. Joyeux anniversaires tous les deux!

Lise Watier Team | photo : Kathleen

I'd like to say thank you again to the Lise Watier Team : Kathleen Théorêt, Nathalie Tremblay, Katrina Wrobel, Rodrigo Padilla, Sophie Ahkam, Geneviève Fortier, Lyne Brulotte, Andrea Severino, Laurence Brassard, David Vincent and all those who put their heart and hard work to this project! Merci sincèrement !

Montreal artist, fashion illustrator

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