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"—What's up?

—Just wanna take some pics with graffitis.

—Then go around to the back of the building ~ There're BETTER ones: giant pugs! You might like them.

—I'll go take a look, thank you!

—Good luck! "

The twilight was fading, I was setting up my tripot for some graffiti-selfies. Then came this enthusiastic Jewish gentleman greeting from my back.

If I hadn't been in a hurry to take photos and hurry up, I would like to chat more with him who takes the initiative to chat...... Well, maybe there is no need to force the fate.

While I was writing the column #CalepinBen in Journal Métro, I was fortunate enough to meet immigrants from many different cultural backgrounds and chat about some of their dreams and life situations. However, there are few opportunities to communicate with Hasidic Jews. Once I sketched a Hasidic young man crossing the traffic lights at Mile End. He was very interested in my drawing, but refused some further conversation.

Perhaps beside all differences in external "labels" and lifestyles, human nature is actually the same, so things that seem mysterious may actually be no different after a deeper understanding.

Gonna check out a documentary < One of Us > to get to know more about the community.

There are also some sketches from before. I quite like their big hats.


Hasidic,Jewish, gentleman, menswear, style, street sketch, Montreal, Ben Liu, Benda, urbansketch, drawing, portrait, Canada


Hasidic,Jewish, gentleman, iphone, cell phone,menswear, style, street sketch, Montreal, Ben Liu, Benda, urbansketch, drawing, portrait, Canada
Hasidic Cellphone Fan - Métro Montréal - Métro De La Savane







夕阳要下山了,我架好三脚架真好准备来几张涂鸦墙自拍。背后传来了这位哈西迪派犹太大叔的主动问好。要不是我急着拍照和赶路,应该可以跟他再聊会儿...... 或许缘分不用强求吧。

在给 Journal Métro 写专栏 #CalepinBen 的时候,有幸遇到了来自许多不同文化背景的移民,聊了一些他们的梦想和处境。但是很少有机会能跟&“神秘的”哈西德派犹太人 (Hasidic Jewish) 交流。有一次在MileEnd速写画了一个过马路的哈西德派青年,他看了很感兴趣,但却拒绝接受采访。


听说有部相关纪录片《One of Us》(非我族类,2017),有机会找来看看。

还有一些之前的速写,我还挺喜欢他们的大帽子的 😎

20231113, NDG, Montréal

*Also found this video of Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn, New York :


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