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The Covid is not racist, nor is love.
And you?

Asian Woman sitting in front of the window at home, holding 5 colour Ester Rabbits during Covid Pandemic Quarantine. Dressing in Rainbow stripes long robe

Embrace all colours and races.

As a relatively taciturn and neutral person, I rarely express views on politics, perhaps because I always feel that it is very far away from me. Or I think we vent our emotions and opinions, and we can't fundamentally change anything. Maybe I was wrong.

Living in a foreign country is not always paradise. I have also encountered racial discrimination directly or indirectly. Compared to the victims in the news on the Internet, my experience was trivial, so I just digested it silently by myself. Don't punish yourself for other people's mistakes: "If a dog bites you, would you bite the dog?" Elders often teach us this way.

I wonder: the person, the nation, or the country who bullies others may be due to their lack of self-esteem? The scared hedgehog psychology of an unknown situation? Or is it envy, jealousy and hatred even after understanding? Maybe they are the ones who need more love: love themselves, love others, and be loved by others. Understanding so, maybe when you encounter unfair treatment next time, you will have more pity and care for the abuser?

We are all other people’s mirrors. If we only look at it with our physical eyes, perhaps we don’t see “same spacies” in the mirror, then we will feel confused and scared. If you observe and feel with your heart, maybe all the packaging (skin colour, race, body type, gender...) is instantly disillusioned.

Yet, it is not enough to read people from the heart, because we often use our own knowledge, experience and worldview to judge others: Just like a dragonfly only experiences one season in its life, how can it be understood when a turtle tells him about the four seasons?

As a so-called fashion illustrator who specializes in painting portraits and an otaku who likes to study language and culture, in theory, I may be better at distinguishing Americans from Europeans than people who have not exercised to observe characters? But no, if I don’t look at the clothes and posture, the accent, or the facial morphology, I still have a misjudgment.

Not to mention that it is difficult for Asians to distinguish other races, and Asians themselves are confused about not being able to distinguish "self". I have heard these questions more than 10 times from my Asian fellows: "Are you Japanese?" When I was in a Thai restaurant. "Are you Thai?" When I was in a Vietnamese restaurant. "Ah? You speak the vernacular (Cantonese)? I thought you were a little-ghost (a young foreigner), so I didn't speak Chinese to you." I was at the Chinatown supermarket. "Hey, which city in Taiwan are you from?" I was chatting with my friends in Taiwan (I am actually from mainland China).
So for people who don’t recognize where exactly we are from in Asia, we don’t need to be too harsh, right?

The outer packaging is important and not important. It is important to be able to distinguish our differences, but it is even more important to seek common ground after seeing the differences, then accept them, and to respect our differences and live together peacefully.

Nothing external can add value to a person's internal value: nationality, passport, foreign country residency, proficiency in a few foreign languages, can drive, able to master computer, have a brand-name bag...Compared to taking these "Privileges" as pride and look down upon others, wouldn't it be better to use these to do something beneficial to mankind as the starting point for more value-added?

Just imagine: If someday aliens do come and become the common enemy of mankind, will all races unite? Maybe yes, maybe not. Compared with aliens, are there fewer public enemies in history? ——Doesn't global issues such as the epidemic, the greenhouse effect, etc. really unite people? If the coronavirus can unite people of all ethnic groups, isn't it a totally bad thing?

Please forgive me, a pessimist who is not so optimistic. Everything in the world is so different that conflicts are inevitable. It is irrational to assign responsibility to a single party. After venting our emotions(or not always necessary), what we can do is to choose to calm down and turn it into a harmonious direction. Each colour, each music note, each seasoning is different, but they can coexist harmoniously. Who did it? Maybe it's the coronavirus? is love? Or you, me, she/he?

Covid + love = Co-vive :)




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生活在异国他乡,自然不总是美好的天堂,我也曾经直接或间接地遭遇过种族歧视。比起网上看到的新闻里的受害者,或许我的遭遇微不足道,所以也就自己默默消化好了。不用别人的错误惩罚自己:“如果狗咬了你,你会去咬狗么?” 长辈们经常这样教育我们。



我们都是他人的镜子,如果只是用眼睛看,或许在镜子里没有看到与自己有相似“外型“的同类,就会感到迷惑和害怕。如果用心来看,或许一切的包装(肤色,种族,体型,性别...) 都瞬间幻灭了吧。单凭心去看人还是不够,因为我们时常用自己的知识,经历和世界观来判断他人:就像蜻蜓的一生只经历一个季节,当海龟跟他讲述四季时,它怎么可能理解?




任何外在的东西都不能够给一个人内在增值:国籍, 护照,北上广深户口,精通几门外语,会开车,会用电脑,有名牌包......比起单纯地拿这些来跟人比较,拿这些来做点对人类做点有益的事情,才是更能增值与否的起点。



疫情 + 爱 = 共生。


Asian Woman sitting in front of the window at home, holding 5 colour Ester Rabbits during Covid Pandemic Quarantine.

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