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When I draw people, I don't concentrate on thier labels : genders, skin colours, professions, social classes, sexual orientations, dressing styles, nationalities. I do ovserve these and HAVE to understand where they come from and what brought them these labels ⎯ these labels made them unique, yet they are not that importrant at the same time. ( Could it be more confusing huh ? 🤩😜😝 I guess what I meant is : according to my drawing pen, they are simply equal human beings )

I like hearing people sharing thier personal love stories when I get custom portrait commissions.
I simply want to capture their energies / auras with lines and colours I sense from them.
With no matter what medium I use : traditional watercolours and canvas, ink pen on papers,  finger on iPad, stylus on digital tablet ... they are just as equal as tools, no difference to me.

Here are some custom portraits and love stories of love couples.
No matter what type of family,
Wish you all pride, peace and love, coz love is love.
And all we need is love !

Thierry's Family

Ikea home decor, white wood framed custom art print with Ikea white table, gay parents, two daddies, daddy and son, baby in parents' arms with panda Benda, fashion illustration, love is love, love wins, LGBTQ family portrait, man in blue, pride

Thierry and his husband have 2 sons, and they just had a grandson, who is a big fan of panda,
so Thanks to Vanessa Sicotte, with whom we did the BENDA x Sauvez Les Meuble TV show,
they contact me for some family portraits for celebrating their love and their family and, of course a fashionable "photoshoot" with Benda the panda. 🐼

gay parents, two daddies, daddy and son, baby in parents' arms, fashion illustration, love is love, love wins, LGBTQ family, man in blue, pride

Happy to see my art found their new home.
I personally don't think I might have children in the future, as I put so much on my "creation kids",
but if my future-partner wants to, I wouldn't mind :)

couple love man carry his boyfriend husband on his back, gay couple, love is love, custom portrait illustration of gay man, silver framed drawing on white wall, home decor with framed art, Pride story

Few weeks later, Thierry's mother saw their portraits, she also ordered one for her big family,
as one of her son (lower right) has passed away, I drew him besides her, with one hand putting
on her shoulder, sending her some son-love.

Big Family portrait, custom illustration, art for love parents and kids

Louis and Ben

custom portrait of gay couple, gay couple travel goal, France, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, China, Married homosexual couple holding hands, fashion illustration, New balance sneakers

Louis (Right) was born in Malaysia, as he was a big fan of Chairman MAO when he was a kid,
he dreams to study in China. Then dreams come true : he was selected by an exchange program to study in China Communication University in Beijing.
Where he met Ben (not me though 😜 the one on the left).

Due to Ben's work, they had a long distance-love at the first, they met each other once in a while by travelling back and forth between Paris and Beijing. It was not easy. But they both keep chasing their dream: get married and living together. With years of hard working, they got married in NYC and now living together in Melbourne, Australia. None of one step was easy, but it was so inspiring seeing them taking chances of life, make leaps for the future through time.

This custom portrait was made for celebrating their marriage, combining all their common loves : New Balance shoes for travel, countries they've been to together, French baguette, photography, cooking eating decorating home and so on...
My best wishes to them, long life, love, love wins!


François and Rachel

Custom Portrait, family fashion illustration art, Parents hug babies, happy vibes children, boy and girl with mom and dad. happiness, couple love,

Rachel comes from a big family of 6 children (If my memory was right ? Which reminds me the family of 16 of Céline Dion, is that a common thing in Québec? ), she grew up by sharing love with each member of her family, that might be the reason for her to create her own. Now two kids : A boy and first then a girl, what's next ?

They recently moved from urban to big countryside, I guess the mother nature lifestyle is essential for us human beings, we need that original connection to our body and our mind.

Here a family portrait for her happy vibes.

Hand holding art canvas, custom portrait art, family portrait, painting, drawing, couple with children, happy kids, blue style, Thank you message, art on Instagram

Montreal artist, fashion illustrator

art direction + illustration ⎮