EDITORIAL | Ben Liu × 时装 L'OFFICIEL China - Plastic Surgery

"Oh wait, I look fat in this angle. 
Can you photoshopped me a bit thinner?"
You might have heard these when it gets to selfie moments. With developped technology nowadays, people can "choose" who hey want to look like, by changing shoes, clothes, even, their faces.
The issue of L'OFFICIEL China introduces 5 beauty editors' real experiences of the latest Korean Micro-surgery, following the 30 days' process.

Personally, I'm pretty neutural about plastic surgery. But when I got the call for this project, I was like" um... really? Should I do it?" As I know it's ok to chase beauty for one's own happiness, on the other hand, do I really want to encourage people changing their "original materials"?

I couldn't help wondering : Did people in the ancient times have plastic surgeries? How long it has been used? Then I ran into this history of plastic surgery.

"Would it be fun to "cast" women from different styles, periods, professions and ages?" By proposing this idea, I started the sketches. Then they were accepted right away.

BENDA (Ben Liu) × 时装L'OFFICIEL China - Plastic Surgery

BENDA (Ben Liu) × 时装L'OFFICIEL China - Plastic Surgery

For this illustration (below), we had a bit "surgery" (of course!) on the girl here.
The left one was the original one, as I'm a big color lover, so you can see she dresses pretty much colorful, then I got a comment from the editor: "um... maybe dressing too... colourful... We'd like her to be a bit... French Chic" Ok, so as the fashion industry always like that, how about dressing her up as "Belle du jour" (Catherine Deneuve) ? Bingo, approved on the right!

So, how do you like them? What's your opinion on plastic surgery?

BENDA (Ben Liu) × 时装L'OFFICIEL China - Plastic Surgery

BENDA-Ben-Liu-时装-L'OFFICIEL-China-Plastic Surgery-姚晨-Yao-Chen