#AskBENDA | Inspirations?

At Sherborne Station - Toronto - Ben Liu
At Sherborne Station - Toronto - 2014

" - Where do you get your inspirations?
  - What inspires you?"

I get into thought for a while, good question! As I always been asked like these. But what exactly inspires me? Too busy drawing to think about it... :P

I would say daily life? Or "boring" daily life more precisly. I mean according to many people, daily life is not that amazing as they could have appreciated much: As we Chinese always say: 柴米油盐 (fuel; rice; oil and salt, which means normal basic daily necessities) . 

I love observing people and sights around me. As an illustrator, I do live sketch (#BENDAsketch) everyday (almost, actually...), to practise and improve my drawing skill, like any other singers doing vocalization everyday. (Which seems quite normal right?) 

But by keeping doing this, I realized that what really inspire me the most, are those beauties I ingored because of the everyday's busy rush: we are too busy for this, too rush for that... Never really have time to stop a bit, observing the real things right there, alive...

Funny thing: I went to bruch with a friend, while we were waiting for the meal, I started to sketch the kitchen as we sat at the bar. The waiter caught me, and after she showed my sketchbook to the chef I drew, she whispered to me: "He doesn't smile much, this is the first time I see him smiles."  Maybe we are even too busy to smile as well? :)

What about you? What inspire you?
Do you also find inspirations in your daily life?

At Eggspectation Montreal - 2014