EVENT | Toronto Fashion Week Memories

Last September, the WorldMasterCard Fashion Week was held in Toronto (WMCFW),
I was invited by Draw a Dot for an interesting project:
using the Fresh Paint application on Microsoft Surface, to live sketch the runway shows.

Bustle BenLiu live sketch

Me and Danielle Meder interviewed by Lolitta Dandoy on RubyTFO:

I used to live sketch a lot by pen and paper, it was the first time doing this on a tablet.
I had two hours to get to know this new buddy before my first show.
I really love the oil painting effect and just using my finger to doodle on it.

Big thanks again to Marcus for this experience!

BenLiu WorldMasterCard Fashion Week
Practicing before the first show

The shows I've sketched include: 

Bustle BenLiu live sketch

Christopher Bates BenLiu live sketch
Christopher Bates

Klaxon Howl BenLiu live sketch
Klaxon Howl

Sid Neigum BenLiu live sketch
Sid Neigum

Sid Neigum BenLiu live sketch
Sid Neigum

Thomas Bálint

Some memories:

BenLiu - Joe Fresh - Joe Mimran

The Mr. Joe Fresh - Joe Mimran

Ben Liu Lolitta Dandoy

Nothing is nicer than running into a Montrealer friend in Toronto. 
Lolitta Dandoy (FashionisEverywhere.com)

Captured by Fashion photographer Michelle Lindo