PRESS | Ben Liu on ARTV - Dim Sum

Once again, I was an "ambassador" for Chinese food :)
Last time was for chicken feet with Le Monde en gros,
this time Dim Sum.

I was born in Shenyang, Liaoning, a north-east city of China.
Then we moved to ShenZhen, Canton when I was six, then I grew up there.
Which I was introduced to Dim Sum culture.

I love Dim Sum, it's a little party time for me and my parents.
Mu mom is a big Dim Sum fan, we always order the chicken feet.
And she always reserves the best part for me.

Click here to Watch the video >>  
(Once in the video, click MENU, then GOURMANDISE)

DimSum Ben Liu Montreal Artv

I was happy to be invited by ICI ARTV,
to be part of this special series : 
Voulez-vous fêter? (Would you like to celebrite?)
to talk about Dim Sum by my personal experience and knowlege :)

Thanks again for Alexandra!

Wish all of you a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!


  1. I like to see people I know through still photos in videos - I tried to watch but couldn't find you on the link. I'm not worried - you'll soon be on another show soon I suspect. Dim sum in Vancouver is great too. Happy New Year!


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