Metro Montreal #95 - Jean Coutu Couple

How many times I've been getting inside out the metro Mont-Royal?
How many Route 97 bus I've been waiting in front of the Pharmacy Jean Coutu?
How many fashionistas I've seen on the Plateau Mont-Royal?

I can not answer none of these questions...
Too many times.

I was in Chinatown for my grocery shopping,
I crossed this guy in dark denim on St-Laurent.
Then I took the orange line from Metro Place d'Arme to Metro Mont-Royal.
When I came out of the metro station,
there he was with his girlfriend, waiting for the 97 bus.

I swear, I was not stalking :) 
There the couple in front of Jean Coutu.


Je ne me souviens plus combien de fois j'étais au Métro Mont-Royal,
sur le Plateau. Il y a toujours des fashionistas à dessiner.
Surtout devant l'arrêt d'autobus ligne 97.

Cette journée-là j'attendais mon ami, et ce couple 
en face de la Pharmacie Jean Coutu.

Une image typique du Plateau Mont-Royal.