Metro Montreal #96 - Blue Muslim Girl

I meat a Muslim girl in blue last year at metro Snowdon.
Here I met another one I like today.
Also a fashionable one.

It's been rainy days for almost 2 months in Montreal.
People seem depressed a bit.
Another long day for me at work,
that was why when I saw this Muslim girl in Royal Blue dress,
I suddenly woke up and began to draw.

Maybe I stared at her too much, she caught me. :)
She turned her head towards me, then her frown got lighter, she smiled at me.

Then her head turned back to the window, continued with her melancholic music?
She got off at metro Snowdon.


Ceci la deuxième fille stylée j'ai croisé dans le métro Snowdon.
Elle portait d'un manteau en jean pâle, avec une robe en bleu royale.

Elle a sourit à moi quand je la dessinais.