CAMPAIGN | Making of Something Sweet - Lise Watier Fragrance - 2

Making of Something Sweet - Lise Watier Fragrance Campaign - 2

illustrations : Benda (Ben Liu)

Something Sweet Lise Watier

Lise Watier is on a nationwide search for a young woman who embodies the delectably light-hearted spirit of Something Sweet. Playful and fun, she loves to flirt with fashion, infusing her every day with zest, confidence and a truly original style. Here’s a girl who loves to have her cake and eat it too!

So this is a national contest in Canada Lise Watier does for the 
new fragrance Something Sweet. The contest is called "Be the Face of Something Sweet".

I was asked to do something different but still keep the conherence 
with the macaron boutique illustration.
So here is the challenge: We need to do something relate ambassador(face, girl) with 
the contest.  Yet we don't WANT to define any faces since we don't find it yet...
How to make an illustration in this case

With girl's silouhettes in black? (To esay!)
With close-ups of a girl's mouth, hair or some details for the sweetness? (maybe)
When I see the pink turquoise tulle on the cap of the perfume,
I got this idea:

Something Sweet Lise Watier Contest

How about putting the tulles as accessories on different girls' clothing?
Girls with different professions, different styles, different nationalities, different kind of sweetness.
It's to personalize their sweet style with the Something Sweet frangrance at the same time:
tulle on her small hat, tulle on her necklace, tulle in her chignon, tulle on her bracelet...

Then the draft was made:

Something Sweet Contest

I put the girls in front of the macaron boutique, as they were going to visit it.
At the same time, it's like an actress casting, that they all standing align.

But the size of the tulles was asked to be smaller as realistic ones.

Then the second draft with more details on thier styles and clothing.

Making of Something Sweet

I still need to put the Something Sweet perfume beside me. 
The tulle was there for reference of the size.

Lise Watier Contest Canada

Nothing had to be changed.


Making of Something Sweet
Making of Something Sweet

Something Sweet Lise Watier
Making of Something Sweet


Something Sweet Lise Watier

So this illustration was used on the microsite, e-blast (newsletter), social media,
newspaper advertising, flyer, etc.

Something Sweet
Newsletters, Banners of Something Sweet

Also there was a video for social media (Youtube) was adapted by the illustrations.

Making of Something Sweet Contest video Bis Film
Making of Something Sweet Contest video - Bis Film
Something Sweet Contest video