CAMPAIGN | Making of Something Sweet - Lise Watier Fragrance -1

The contest "Be the Face of Something Sweet" by Lise Watier, is getting into the voting period.
I've been receiving kind words from people works in the design field,
people in the fashion industry, people from close and far,
people I love and people I don't really know...
All I would like to say is "Thank you for all your compliment and encourage,
I'll continue improving myself day by day." :)

Here I'd like to share the making of Something Sweet process with you,
the making of the illustrations for the fragrance's packagings and campaign.


I was told to create an illustration of an enviroment inspired by macaron and cupcake boutique.
An enviroment with pastel colors. So after some research, here is the first drafts:
 A counter with teapot, cupcakes, candy, macarons and big gift box.

Something Sweet enviroment
Something Sweet enviroment

I provided two options for the counter, one cream white, one black polishing.
 The cream one was chosen right away.


The draft is approuved by Madam Watier, she drew a little heart beside her approval signature,
and whispered to me kindly : "J'aime tes petits dessins, je veux les mettre partout."
(I like your illustrations, I'll put it everywhere) She was so cute and sweet.

Then there were some little changes for the illustration:
The teapot has to be replace by the perfume bottle on the right.
At that time the name of the fragrance was decided: Something Sweet.

Making of Somthing Sweet  Lise Watier
Making of Somthing Sweet - the bottle

I guess the macaron boutique is pretty much done with details,
so maybe not much changes. Then I guess it's time to 
do the illustration of the Something Sweet perfume bottle itself now.
After enlarging the cap of the bottle, it became the final one on the right.


So after replacing the teapot by the perfume bottle, the illustration became as the one on the left.
But something was missing... Then we change the background color's intensity.
There you go, the space breathes better no?

Somthing Sweet Lise Watier


Then came to the last part. Putting the illustrations on the parfum 
packaging and store retail displays.

Somthing Sweet Lise Watier fragrance
Something Sweet packagings
Making of Somthing Sweet

After different propositions and changes, here is the final version 
of Something Sweet Fragrance enviroment for the campaign.

Here I'd love to thank to these people on production process,
without their hard work, the project couldn't come to reality!
Sophie, André, Anne-So, Cyn, Koko, Gen, Yves...

To Be Continued...