LIFE | A week in Montreal - Restaurant and Fashion

What would happend for a week in Montreal?
These were what happened to me:


Une semaine à Montréal, qu'est-ce qui va se passer?
Voici ce qui m'est arrivé :

illustrations: Benda (Ben Liu)

Wednesday, 29 May, 2013
Restaurant KanBai - Chinatown
红翻天(蒙特利尔唐热街分店) 514-871-8778
1110 Rue Clark, Montreal, QC, H2Z 1K2

I decided to try this new restaurant in Chinatown : KanBai.
The English name means "Cheers" in Chinese.
But the Chinese name means "So Hot". Because is a SzeChuan style cuisine.
I like the interior design: gray wall paper with golden Chinese characters.
Dark brown wood furnitures with red touches in decorations.
A Chinese style mixes modern and tradition.

When our dishes were served, there this lady with a young guy
came into the restaurant and sat beside the windows.
She looked familiar...? Where have I seen her?

Ginette Reno in Chinatown
Ginette Reno having dinner in Chinatown

I thought for a quite a while,
Ginette Reno?
Ginette Reno...
Ginette Reno.
Ginette Reno?
Ginette Reno!

Well, the world is tiny, not to mention a city like Montreal!
A small city with lots of artits.

The meal was quite delicious, I highly recommend!

Friday, 24 May, 2013

I was waiting for a table at Aux Vivres, a trendy vegan restaurant in Montreal. 
(It is the firat vegan restaurant in Montreal) Every time I came, it's packed.

There was this sweet girl smiling all the time. She looks like Asian with her haircut, 
but my friend guessed she was Hungarian, well, doesn't matter, I thought she was cute. 
I guess the burgundy will still in fashion for a while.

A sweet girl Aux Vivres Montreal

A sweet girl having dinner in Restaurant Aux Vivres Montreal

I used to have a veggie burger, but I was so full that night (ate too much at noon), 
so I orderd a Salad+Soup Combo. Yummy! Ah, the corn bread is a must-have!!

Thursday, 23 May, 2013
C2MTL - Dress To KILL Magazine 5th Anniversary

I was invited by the kind Stéphane Le Duc, Chef editor of Dress To KILL Magazine 
for their 5th anniversary fashion show in the C2MTL cloture. 
Dress to KILL is a fashion magzine Made in Montreal
it's been growing up quickly in 5 years. Quite a success!

It was a dynamic soirée! 

These were some fashionistas I saw and had a chance (time) to sketch.
Arsenal Montreal is an art gallery, I went to see a Chinese artist's exhibition
in winter, but the gallery was closed that day...
So it's nice to have an opportunity to see the inside this time.


Fashionistas I saw at C2MTL - Dress To KILL Magazine show

I had a small conversation with the pink hair lady, she was very pretty and nice! 
Anna Abbruzzo, an interior designer (igloo design)
I love her fashion sense and design works.