CAMPAIGN | Ben Liu × Lise Watier - Something Sweet Fragrance

These illustrations are for the new fragrance Something Sweet from Lise Watier.
Something Sweet is a gourmand’s embrace of youthful vitality.
The main inspiration was mainly from my co-workers, the girls work around.
Which are independent, smart, confident, trendy and sweet.

The environment of Something Sweet, is a cupcake and macaroon boutique.
Which offers people a visit with curiosity and gourmet desire.

It's funny, people always describe me with the word "sweet",
is it a karma? :)

As I said, the project really inspired the girls in the office,
so I would like to dedicate to them here,
and also A BIG THANK to them:
Sophie, Rachel, Kate, Isa, Jen, Cyn, Koko, Gen, Anne-So...
And also thanks to all those who work for this project,
it's you who make the dream come true.
I'll keep this in my heart for all your kindness and help.

A dream project, A sweet dream.
illustrations by : Benda (Ben Liu)

Something Sweet Lise Watier perfume
Something Sweet Lise Watier contest

Something Sweet Lise Watier illustration

Something Sweet Lise Watier fragrance


Lise Watier is also on a nationwide search for the face of its new fragrance: Something Sweet!
Check it out for all the details of the contest:

* I'm so happy that this video is based on my illustrations,
Good job! Again, thank you guys girls! :D

Video by: Bis Films


  1. Wow, I LOOOOVE your illustration. I want to go shopping in your dream.

  2. Your illustration looks very fantastic!


  3. great! i'm reminded of how hermes uses illustrations instead of photos on their website. cool!

  4. thanks for getting back ! ur blog definitely worth reading like a fashion book love it !! xoxo !

  5. The Perfect Girl For This !

    Google : youtube : Alexfashionbeauty

    Ps : Love Love Love This Parfum : Something Sweet Lise Watier

    Kiss Kisss

    Maddy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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