Metro Montreal #87 - Love from Mom

I ran into these mother and son sometimes.
She sends him to kid garden every morning.

He always asks different question loudly, lots of curiosity.
She is always patient and caring.

This morning he was dressing blue jumper with snow flakes.
With a suspender trousers.
That reminded me how my mom used to dress me when I was his age.

She took out a catalogue out of the big bag she carried for him,
''The Rescuers'', patting his head while he was reading it.

I miss my mom...


Elle caressait son fils pendant qu'il lisait son bouquin.
La façon qu'il s'habille, m'a fait penser à mon enfance :
Ma maman m'habillait ainsi.

Elle me manque ma maman...

Métro Montréal - Métro DuCollège

Mother's Day illustration


  1. this is very sweet! It is good to remember childhood memories especially when family is involved! Keep up the beautiful drawings!


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