Roman Holiday - So Close, So Far

 I've never finished the whole film Roman Holiday until yesterday,
even though I am a big fan of Audrey Hepburn. What a big fan huh :)

It was a light comedy with a light sadness. 
Then I ran into a love story of Gregory Peck and Audrey,
I don't know if it was true or not,
but I could not help keeping this in my mind after all these,
which was " So close and yet so far. "

Maybe I'm too negative at this point. 
Maybe people in love doesn't need to be so close?

illustration : Benda (Ben Liu)

Roman Holiday poster Audrey Hepburn  Gregory Peck
Roman Holiday poster - Audrey Hepburn  Gregory Peck

Why do stars fall down from the sky  
Every time you walk by?  
Just like me, 
they long to be 
Close to you