With Love from BENDA

''Do you have McDonald's in China?''
"Do you Chinese drive cars? You all ride bikes right? ''
''Where did you buy this Tee? So fashionable!''
''What do you have as vegetables in China?''
''Wow, the buildings in China are so high! ''……

I always heard the word CHINA when I am in foreign country. Many questions like above run after me. Lots of topics of China take my attention. Some cheer me up, some make me down, some give me pround, some let me loss. But mostly, they encourage me to recollect,
to recollect what we have and what we are. Of course, I mix with my nostalgy and my love for my motherland, China.

My parents were born in the 60s. They experienced more histories than our generation, so the deeper chinese tradition and culture accompanied them since long time ago.
As I always think that the 80s’ generation is so lucky. Why? Because we have not only the good values from our parents, but also the openness to the new tandence in the world. But in my own eyes, this CHINA is more objective, coz now I’m living far away from her, surveying her, paying ''close'' attention to her. And the further I’m away from her, the intenser love I’ve got for her: I need to do something for her! But what?

All those questions above gave me an idea, as I always wanted to work in a magazine publicing industry, and I’m in the major of communication and art, why not just answer these questions by my own way : A MAGAZINE?

I wanner show my country to my foreign friends, I’ll show them a new China, a dragon woken up, be ready to create a new tendance in the world. Here gose with my drawings, photography, and my articles.

Hope that in the future, people won’t only knowong Bruce Lee or chopsticks when they hear the word China. And Hope all the young generations in the world won’t forget their roots!

BENDA in Canada