What's fashion got to do with it?

I was sitting in the metro, reading thoses big news in Haiti, which are even in the entertainment and fashion section. Can't help questioning: What's fashion got to do with it?

The most popular singer Ms. Lady Gaga, made these two fields hade in hand. She has collected $500000 for Haiti by her charity show. Also sell a Tee for collecting money. The fashion saves victims.

In Montreal, even the street artists are having a special show for Haiti. They got together singing in the metro for goodness-sum. But I still heard some young guys saying:well, charity, it's just the business of the celebrities, not us.

This made me think of the earthquake in Sichuan 2008. I was in Canada, studying, heard about this catastrophe in my motherland. I couldn't do anything for her, for my people. I just took out my pens, drew down what I felt…

BENDA doesn't have the celebrity charm, hope oneday, I could do something for the charity with my own artistic works. Thinking of these, I put some little money in the box, which was front of the street artists, praying for the victims on the Port-au-Prince…

Charity could be a fashion, but hope it won't last long, coz no one wants more catastrophes.