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After dropping off mom at the YUL airport, spreading on the 747 Bus back home, watching the winter sights "playing film" through the fogging windows, flashbacks hit me slightly: I couldn't help recalling the moments I've spent with mom during this past 2020.
2020 was a special year (dah :P), mom flew from the other side of the Earth to visit me in Canada. That was before the Covid-19 break-out. Due to the pandemic, her return flight was canceled, so we stayed home together for almost a whole year. Thanks to that, I had lots of mom-made dumplings. I also captured some moments we've spent together in my sketchbook.

Stay Home with mother in Canada during Covid19
🌈 An Unconventional Quarantine Selfie :)


As a proficient home buddy, the quarantine doesn't affect my daily life much. I guess the pandemic might be a hint for us humans: take a step back from the speedy routine, be slower for the over-reacting lifestyle?

Dad and mom spoke on WeChat twice a day... What a long-distance couple! In the morning, I work on my stuff, and mom practises Chinese calligraphy or take online classes. At dusk, we have some aerobic exercises with different Youtubers. (These ones are quite easy and fun if you are interested: AllBlanc TV and 艾克斯xfitness有氧生活 )


★ Making #dumplings while live chatting with dad.
Since last year, we three were separated into two sides of the earth by Covid. But thanks to that, I've had a lot of favorite dishes cooked by mom. Not much to complain. 🙏🍘🍚🍤🥘 


★ DAILY MORNING CALL with dad on WeChat. They never lived separately for such a long time, now it's the long-distance love relationship they are having. One advantage side of developed technology? :)

★ Snowy day, staying home, mom was practicing calligraphy. 
 I drew her. What do you do at home? Hope you stay safe 🙏🧡☀️
Entertainment activities? Karaoke app, Web drama series, "fashion" photoshoot...


Finally, the flight to China resumed and mom got her very first Covid Test (PCR and Antibody), which are mandatory requirements by the Chinese government. She said it wasn't as horrible as she imagined. It was quick and bearable. Guess we usually over-think before we do things.


Stay Home with mother in Canada during Covid19

After 24 hours' flight and 14 days' quarantine in Shanghai, mom is safely back home 🙏 I was a bit worried cause she never travel alone for such long distance, speaking neither English nor French at airport in Canada, plus her poor sense of direction doesn't help much 🐷...

Yet with courage, adaptation and help from
kind Canadian and Chinese encounters, she got it and finally "graduated" ! I guess you never know how much potential you've got if you never give it a try ?
Voilà, a quarantine life, staying home.
Where's home? The physical postal code? The surroudings which make you relaxed? The people you love or, your heart, your soul, your true self?
 I hope you all be healthy and safe. 🙏☀️🌈

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