Metro Montreal #97 - Black Guy with Green Back Hat

A sunny Friday afternoon, finally summer in Montreal! My friend asked me to go to the Carrefour Angrignon. I arrived a bit earlier at the metro Angrignon. So I sat on the orange bench, waiting for her. There was this trendy black guy, with green back hat,  orange-gray tank, blue boat shoes. He seemed waiting for some one too. Checking his iphone time and time again. 


Ce gars-là avec une casquette verte, camisole grise-orangé en rayures. 
Il attendait quelqu'un au métro Angrignon en vérifiant son iphone. J'attendais aussi mon amie à côté. « Alors, dessine-le.» Le petit Benda dans moi m'a dit ça.



  1. Nice picture !!!!!!


  2. I really like the colors here. Wish I could work with color as well as you do.


  3. I agree with the other comments - I love your colours here. Summer, warmth, fun. Fantastic character sketch!

    1. Thank you Melanie,
      if I met you in person, you'll be definitely my model too! :D


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