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I feel honored to be selected as one of the Top illustrators in China, among all the amazing Chinese illustrators: 万鱼鱼, Neiko, 郭埙Zoo, 毕胜, 犀牛大哥, Mojo, Elsie Tao, 艸田八, 姜睦南, 一淳. Interviwed by MONDAY lifestyle magazine.(精品购物指南)

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Interview ( English | Chineseversion below )

1) How do you define your occupation, for example, how did you introduce yourself to others for the first time?

Hello, I draw.

2) Why did you learn the art of painting initially? Why did you choose to draw illustration as your career?

I simply like drawing every day. Looking back now, the blackboard news (regular news notice) that I was responsible for the hard work when I was in school, accidentally developed my sense and ability for typeset and illustrations; later I had my column in the newspaper; in university I studied animation and multimedia, and I have always had a passion for clothing and style, so unconsciously stepped into the intersection of illustration and fashion.

3) Many people think that illustrator is a very free, very beautiful, even very awesome, what do you want to say about this?

The so-called freedom is relative, my dear. Beauty is in every profession if we take them seriously, I guess? As for the awesomeness... I don't know, but I know that if the heart is not firm enough, it is easy to be f--ked... (Oups). I feel that to be a good illustrator, not only the basic skills of painting must be excellent, physical strength, energy, originality and self-management skills need to be constantly improved.

4) Please sum up the personal style of your work in the language of perceptual points. (It can be combined with the works you sent me)

Alas! Look! The style and character have been condensed in interlaced lines and flowing colors!
Not emotional enough? :P

5) Is the personal style a result of long-term natural development, or has it been intentionally designed?

Both. Everyone's growth path is different, so are their worldviews.

Style should be a concrete representation of your own worldview. (Of course, it is a different matter to "learn" the excessive style of others, did I say "copy" ?)

6) What has influenced your style? For example, the city of your childhood, an artist, some anime or movie, etc.

Life, the factors you listed are also parts of life. Life sculpts the heart, and the picture presents the world seen inside.

Ben Liu at studio, artist atelier, Ben Liu holding René Gruau book, Gruau Portraits of Men book, fashion illustrator, Montreal artist, panda Benda

7) To be honest, what does the deadline mean for you?

Professional ethics and sense of responsibility. Only when you hand in your homework on time will there be little red flowers awarded (in China, teachers award kids with little red flowers when they behave well or have good notes) ! You know. :)

8) Where do you most want your artwork be printed on? Please use your imagination, don't say anything on the T-shirt, the more unexpected, the better, even if it's science fiction.

Printed in your heart.
The carrier is short-lived, the connotation is long-lasting, isn't it?

9) On average, how much time do you spend painting / drawing every day?

Except the not doodling time, he is doodling.

10) What is the biggest gain this year? Both in business and life.

Fortunately, I can continue to cooperate with the first-line media and brands in China and internationally, and continue to learn.

Besides, the Montréal Life sketch column in the Montreal Métro newspaper (#CalepinBen) has also been serialized for the first anniversary, and has been welcomed by many readers.

Among them, I have also met a lot of people who I've never met but will continue this amazing journey.

11) If you have a chance, you can use 3 months to experience another occupation not related to painting, what would you like to choose?


12) Please add a simple hand-painted picture. For example, when you see what you think, you draw this little monster.

In 2007, Japan’s Asahi TV station broadcast a long drama about the life of my favourit Chinese singer Teresa Teng. It was delighted to draw the classic looks of her different period.


Fashion illustration by Ben Liu, Benda panda, Montreal artist atelier studio, Teresa Teng, Denglijun portrait, drawing







所谓自由都是相对滴,亲。任何职业认真对待都会产生美感吧?至于屌...... 内心不够坚定的话,倒是很容易被人屌... 话说,这个字不会被屏蔽么?个人觉得,要想成为好的插画师,不仅绘画的基本功要过硬,体力,精力,原创力和自我经营能力都需要不断磨砺。














Atelier of Artist Ben Liu, Panda Benda home, Montreal fashion illustrtor Ben Liu

Ben's Atelier with panda BENDA





















另外在蒙特利尔 Métro报(都市日报)上的蒙城生活速写专栏连载也满了一周年,受到了许多读者的欢迎,












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