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I was invited by Draw A Dot. for this fashion illustration project "Asian Couture Dreams" by Asian Couture Federation. I illustrated the world of Guo Pei (郭培) .

Guo Pei fashion illustration by Ben Liu, Panda Benda riding YongJiu bicycle with girl wearing Guo Pei Haute Couture Golden dress, Designer for Rihana's Met Gala Red Carpet gold dress, Chinese Traditional Wedding

Ben Liu x Guo Pei

DrawADot. : What's the inspiration behind this illustration?

Ben Liu : The title is “Pure Love”, inspired by the Naked Marriage or Bare Marriage (Chinese: 裸婚), A Chinese modern phenomenon among people of my generation (born after the 1980s). Whether you are rich or poor, driving car or riding a bicycle, dressing sporty or haute couture; when love versus bread (materials), which is more important?

DrawADot. : How does your background influence your illustration style?

Ben Liu : I’m a child of the 80s China; a generation between the traditional values fades out and western cultures rush in. My works reflect this cultural conflict and self-cognition.

My childhood was fed with lots of magnificent 2D anime: Havoc in Heaven (大闹天宫), Calabash Brothers (葫芦兄弟), Sailor Moon, Saint Seiya, She-Ra… As you might also see a bit of influence from them.

GuoPei for Rihanna MetGala gold gown, HauteCouture BehindTheScene, Tianmimi movie LeonLai_MaggieCheung, Fashion Illustration by Ben Liu

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