ART | Shades of Montréal - Exhibition

 Since 2011, I've been sketching Montrealers and warm scenes in Montreal,
noting their love stories with this city and their life dreams.

They were first published in my cultural column in magazine 1626 in China, 
grateful to Eric, former editor-in-chef of Journal Métro
I also got the chance to publish selected portraits and stories of stylish Montrealers
in my weekly column Dans le Calepin de Ben,
 Interviewing these immigrants from all over the world, who fall in love with Montreal
and realise their dream lifes in Canada. 

Some portraits at the Dawson art exhibition "Queer & Peace".
Another dream came true. I'm happy that these portraits went back to the cummunity,
as it came from them as well. 
Thank you for every aspired individual and their inspiring stories.  

Peace & Love !


Montrealer Portraits, exhibition view, multicultural colours
Exhibition view


Montreal is a magical museum, you and I drift, encounter, then exchange.

We are all pieces of movable art with different shades: sometimes bold,
delicate, cheerful, or solemn, but always full of colorful beliefs and dreams.
The illusionary stylish appearances have not limited our insights
for humanity and truly cosmic consciousness.

These unique shades of auras contribute to our society;
each of them has a surname and tells a message,
not coded by C-M-Y-K, but L-O-V-E.

• Exhibition ​
Dawson Peace Center Montréal, Canada, 2018


Portrait, fashion illustration of mix race girl, black girl, afro hairstyle, Chunli hairstyle, wearing purple oversize coat, plaid white scarf, with panda Benda,

Portrait, fashion illustration of Frech gentlement, français on Plateau-Mont-Royal

portrait, fashion illustration, Montreal, Dalila Awada

Artists Ben Liu and Dayna Danger, Queer & Peace Exhibition
With artist Dayna Danger

Ben Liu, Shades of Montreal, Queer & Peace Exhibition at Dawson Warren G. Flowers Art Gallery,
Thank you very much, Rhonda, for your kindness and help.


Montreal artist, fashion illustrator

art direction + illustration ⎮