EVENT | MARIMEKKO Opening @Beijing 三里屯

Marimekko is a colorful brand from Finland.
Benda went to their media launch in SanLiTun, Beijing, 
for their new boutique opening.

There we got to know about the history of Marimekko.
I also had a chance to talk with their Senior Fashion Designer, Teemu Muurimäki.
A really nice person and talented designer.

If I had my own house in the future, Marimekko will definitely in :D
As I always love North European design style: peaceful and joyful.
Very close to life.

There was also a mini-fashion show during the launch.
Which showed the Marimekko Fall/Winter 2013 Collection.
The iconic pattern Unikko, celebrates its 50th Anniversary.

I really love to wear one of the gray-blue sweater. (in the second sketch below)
But it was not in store yet... :(

illustrations: Benda (Ben Liu)

Fashion designer for Marimekko, Teemu Muurimäki portrait by Ben Liu
Marimekko Designer - Teemu Muurimäki 

Marimekko Collection 2013 designed by Teemu Muurimäki  - Unikko dress 50th Anniversary
Marimekko Collection 2013 - Unikko 50th Anniversary

Marimekko store in Beijing Sanlitun - Unikko 50th Anniversary
Marimekko 北京专门店:北京三里屯太古里南区S8-10C (photo: Sina)

Marimekko Unikko dress designed by Teemu Muurimäki for its 50th Anniversary
Marimekko - Unikko 50th Anniversary (photo: Sina)

Ben Liu and fashion designer Teemu Muurimäki