Every time the intro of this song began,
I felt like back into memories...
Feel like having a coffee at terrace.

Mr. Nakano Yasubei (Yasubay) (中野安兵衛), the original composer.
Using this original melody, he wrote this "問わず語り (Towazu Gatari)" in 1987 
for Teresa Teng to sing. He wrote the original lyrics based on his own experience 
as a singer while playing the guitar at Roppongi, Tokyo.

So I was imaging Teresa was sitting at the terrace,
listening to Mr. Nakano singing.

Dedicated this illustration to Teresa Teng's 60th birthday.
Also to Mr. Nakano's touching melody.

(Thanks to Masami43A's information on Youtube)

Drawing portrait of Teresa Teng, Chinese Taiwanese singer, fashion illustration for music album record packaging cover

Illustration : Benda (Ben Liu)

二杯目の紅茶に 角砂糖
Nihaimeno kouchani kakuzatou
(When I stir sugar in the second cup of tea,)

クルクルまわせば 想い出す
Kurukuru mawaseba omoidasu
(this reminds me of that day)

Aitsuto hajimete deattanomo
(I met him for the first time)

Sabishigariyano cafe terasu (cafe terrace)
(at a lonely sidewalk cafe)

都会の片隅 ひっそりと
Tokaino katasumi hissorito
(At a corner in the town)

Chiisana akariga tomottane
(a small lump was quietly on there)

Aitsuwa basueno hikikatari
He (Yasubay) was a singer by playing the guitar at the outskirts of the town (Roppongi)

私は踊り子よ アンドゥトヮ
Watashiwa odorikoyo an du tuwa
(and I was a dancer, "un due twa")

Eninaru futarito watattewa
("This is a picturesque setting", we laughed)

肩をよせあう 裏通り
Katawo yoseau uradouri
(We walked shoulder-to-shoulder on the back street)

心をひとつに 重ねれば
Kokorowo hitotsuni kasanereba
(When our hearts were together)

Tsumetai beddo (bed) mo atatakai
(we became warm in the cold bed)

Kurashini kimariga arujanashi
(There is no rule in our lives)

風に吹かれて 西東
Kazeni fukarete nishi higashi
(We go to the west and east backed by window)

うれない歌でも 熱くなる
Urenai utademo atsukunaru
(We can be easily heated even with an unfamiliar song)

あいつの横顔 好きだった
Aitsuno yokogao sukidatta
(I liked his profile)

出来れば二人で その夢を
Dekireba futaride sono yumewo
(If possible, I wanted to dream that dream together)

愛想つくまで 見たかった
Aisou tsukumade mitakatta
(until we get tired)

二人でよく来た この店も
Futaride yokukita konomisemo
(This cafe we used to come together)

Imaja sukkari samagawari
(has changed a lot since then)

Rajio (radio) ga kanaderu merodi (melody) mo
(Although the melody flowing from the radio)

時の流れを 映すけど
Tokino nagarewo utsusukedo
(reflects the lapse of time)

今でもかすれた うた声が
Imademo kasureta utagoega
(his husky singing voice)

心のどこかで 聞こえてる
Kokorono dokokade kikoeteru
(is audible from somewhere in my heart)

あいつが愛した あの歌を
Aitsuga aishita ano utawo
(Shall I sing that his favorite song)

今日は 私が歌おうか
Kyouwa watashiga utaouka
(by myself todgay?)


  1. wow it's a wonderful ilustration

  2. i loved this song much but can' t find any CD/MP3 version at all..

    1. Try, sung by Chen Jia (陈佳), with lyrics in Chinese, too. You won't be disappointed.


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