LIFE | Happy New Year Party

I went to a New-Year party with Stephanie,
It was freezing outside, but inside,
music, beer, dance and cigarette.

For me? Nothing better to note this moment by sketching.


C'était un party de bye-bye 2012.
La fin du monde? 
Ta gueule, on s'amuse! :P

Métro Laurier

New Year party, drinks empty bottles on the table, French guy smoking with white cap tuque


  1. You really caught that party vibe in this sketch. Who's the woman in the colourful dress? Love that! Happy new year!

    1. Hehe Thank you Melanie!
      Isn't that a great dress?
      It's my best friend in Montreal :)

  2. i know i wasn't there but i'm pretty sure you've captured the moment in this sketch. and there's vogue and elle, too?

    1. haha, Yes, VOGUE and ELLE Québec.
      I was kind of feeling lonely... Only drawing and take me away :D

  3. Amazing Party! Let's have a KiKi!
    happy new year!
    great job!


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