Metro Montreal #80 - Elisapie Isaac - Travelling Love

Je suis allé au concert d'Elisapie Isaac,
elle me fessait penser à une chanteuse chinoise Ai Jing,
folk, rock, poétique...

L'amour, le voyage, la terre...
J'ai bien aimé le concert,
surtout ambivalence rose mauve.


I went to Elisapie Isaac's concert,
for her new album Travelling Love.

her voice was so delight and pure.
Reminds me one of my favourite Chinese singers: Ai Jing.

Here is the sketch I did during the concert.
Thank you for the amazing night!

Métro Montréal Bonaventure


  1. You are very talented!!! I love your sketch very much! Adorable! You are lovely guy!
    Your style is great! Love it!
    I would be happy to follow you , so I've done it! I'm your new follower! Sketch more!!!! and post it!!! And you know what:) It would be nice idea to sketch sometimes bloggers and post them so they could find themselves in your blog:) I think you will have a lot of bloggers followers:)

  2. Thank you very much for your kind encouragement! I do sketches because the things or people inspire me, if not, I won't force myself :) But I'll continue to capture beautiful things in life.

    Thank you again! :)



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