ART | To my dear Quebec

It has been almost 4 years I live in Québec, 100% made in China, reproduced in Québec,
The Québecois artists influence me little by little since I live in this culture.

Céline Dion, one of the biggist artists in the world,
I didn't know that she came from Québec before I came to Canada.
Cause her name is always attached with Titanic,
and I thought she was from USA...
But now I know another side of her,
which shows another personality of her,
which makes me feel closer to her ,
that is her francophone side.

Micheal Tramblay, at the beginning when I learned my French,
my home stay bought one of his famous work: Les belles soeurs,
we played the roles by reading the lines of the script.
The way he wrote Quebecois expressions made me laught,
although I didn't understand them all. But I found them really funny.
Same as Richard Dejardins' lyrics.

Tête à claque, the first Québecois cartoon I've seen.
Funny funny, Villi-Voler 2006. I'll never forget the big lips!

Xavier Dolan, houlàlà, I really like the way he «kills his mom».
Talant, mature and ture. Bravo.

My Québec, I don't know how long will we stay together,
but I love you! And most of all, Thank you!