When Benda meets Yves Saint Laurent

illustration: Ben Liu (BENDA)

In 2008, Monsieur Yves Saint-Laurent has passed away. Leaving us so many fascinating creations, Benda was visiting Montreal as a student at that time, there happened to have his remembering exhibition at Musée de beaux arts à Montréal.

So Benda went there with best friends. Actually, that was the fist time Benda got to know his works. (What a shame to be a fashionista like thai huh?) But I became a fan of his talent since then. Especially the serie of Fine Arts, such as Mondrian's painting. So I got this idea: let Benda dedicate to his amazing dress, just wear them!

I can really feel this : la mode se démode, le style jamais .
Salut Monsieur Yves, et, Merci!



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