LIFE | Brunch with Plantu @ Rumi Montreal

I had a chance to brunch with Plantu (Jean Plantureux), the French cartoonist. 
It was a breezy noon, we were brunching at the Jewish Turkish restaurant RUMI.
It reminded me a bit the food in Xinjiang, China. 

Plantu was really a nice guy, and I also thought he is courage,
to bravely express his politic position with his cartoons.
Which could be dangerous for his safety. 
But he seems so zen.

Hope to meet him again soon.


Brunch with Plantu at Rumi restaurant, illustration portrait of French Cartoon artist Plantu by Ben Liu

J'ai eu la chance d'aller bruncher avec Plantu.
Il était tellement gentil et smart.
J'admire son courage en face les issues politiques dont qu'il dessine dans les journaux.
Il nous donne chacun une de ses caricatures magnifiques.

J'adore celle-là, alors il m'a dessiné deux pandas :)
J'espère qu'on va se revoir bientôt!

Plantu cartoon caricature

A week later, I received another gift from Mr. Plantu!
A caricature of me. :D

Ben Liu caricature by Plantu


  1. Love your sketch. I admit that I had to research Plantu - how great that you got to meet him!

    1. Yeah, it was nice to meet him,
      and he's very nice.

      Would be nice to meet you too!

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