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Ah, the falling dumplings
It smells home

The only guidance traversing
All the way from you
From +8 to -5
From yeast to vest

They surround
Then comfort
All the sleepy souls
And the cold stomach


Ah, the piling up dumplings
It’s love from mom

Sometimes overwhelming
Sometimes overloading

Where ever you go
They follow

Always wanna help
Always wanna be perfect
How could you resist ?


How much they weigh ?
How many they accumulated ?
You tell me ?


The waves whisper to me
Calling me home
The sunset warms up my back
Singing me a pink lullaby
It will just be fine
It will all be fine


Ah, the floating dumpling
It feels home

The only shelter protects me
Through the twilight waves

Sometimes you comes
Sometimes you pushes
Sometimes I'm glad to hear
Sometimes I couldn't bear

Take me home
Yes, I'm home

Thank you Maman !



words + illustrations : Ben Liu

music : 传琦SAMA - Moonlight Romance [Lofi]

          © 2020 BEN LIU - All rights reserved