Montreal is a magical museum, you and I drift, encounter, then exchange. We are all pieces of movable art with different shades: sometimes bold, delicate, cheerful or solemn, but always full of colorful beliefs and dreams. The illusionary stylish appearances have not limited our insights for humanity and a truly cosmic consciousness. These unique shades of auras contribute to our society; each of them has a surname and tells a message, not coded by C-M-Y-K, but L-O-V-E.


-Best fashion illustrator in Canada, Montreal, Canada
- Fashion & Beauty illustration
- Live event art artist in Montreal, Canada
- Top Chinese illustrator, Made in China
- Art direction, portrait, custom luxury art, advertising, edirorial illustration


Dawson Peace Center

Montréal, Canada, 2018

• Publications

- [ Dans le Calepin de Ben ]

  Journal Métro, Canada

- [ 蒙特利尔速写本 ]

  1626 Magazine, China

Dawson Peace Center
Montréal, Canada
2018-01-17 - 02-10

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